Bicycle touring in Paris

365: July 27th - August 2nd, 2014

Hello! Happy Sunday!

I think I may have missed a day or two this week...

21/365 - Sunday | Ben, Mom and myself went to Ichiban for dinner. It's a sushi/hibachi type place. It was only my second time visiting the place and I had unexplained reservations about going. I ended up pushing away an entire plate of food because I just felt weird about it. Later that night I ended up getting pretty ill and missing work the next day!

22/365 - Monday | While I sat at home post puking scenarios I finished off my Hogwarts letters to give to my fellow Harry Potter nuts at work and some friends.

23/365 - Tuesday | I've been reading more now that I'm on "break" from school! Woohoo! Unfortunately, I ended up shoving two of these on to my "Did Not Finish" list.

24/365 - Wednesday | I took this photo of some of our new Young Adult books at the library. I've only read one of these so far but I have all of them on my "To Be Read" list!

25/365 - Thursday | Look at this teeny little lizard that wondered on to our sun porch! Boop boop boop! I wonder if it's the baby of the last one that visited.

Missed Thursday and Friday. Oops!
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Bicycle touring in Paris

Just one of the guys...

Definitely liking this song right now.

Plus, um Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway and Brie Larson with Jenny Lewis?
Yes, please.

Especially Kristen Stewart.
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Bicycle touring in Paris

365: July 13th - 19th, 2014

8/365 | Monday - I recently got frustrated with my desk drawer for not closing all the way and though, perhaps, I had lost some items behind it. After a great amount of effort I pulled out the drawer to reveal nothing of my own...but lots of papers belonging to a previous owner as pictured! There were tons of homework assignments from grade school dated 1983! That's the year I was born! I'm tempted to try to track the woman down just to say hi.

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Bicycle touring in Paris

day in the life: my not so interesting but very productive day

A friend of mine suggested I do a 'day in the life' post so... I did! Here it is.

Today was my off day, otherwise there would be a lot of library photos in here!

Be warned: you could be bored to tears.

As per usual, I begin my morning with coffee!
I love my little coffee and tea tins. And this is my favorite coffee cup!

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It wasn't a very interesting day in pictures but it was a very productive day for me!
Bicycle touring in Paris

365: the beginning

So, I've been toying with the idea of starting a 365 project but previously hesitated due to my lack of a "serious" camera. But, no more. I've decided that I still want to remember things in my life even if my camera is only the one on my phone. I would love to buy a camera but, for the moment, it isn't within my budget.

Anyway, here are my first photos! And of course, it's mostly cats... >__>

1/365 - Sometimes, I can't get over how handsome Memphis is.
I wish he would come home more.

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Here's hoping I can keep up with this!

Bicycle touring in Paris

Homework oops.

My goodness the end of the week sure snuck up on me. I mistakenly decided not to look at my school assignments until Wednesday which was a terrible idea. We went from doing two chapters a week in Mythology to FIVE this week plus a test and our regular exercises and quizzes. Good grief. Thankfully, I've just finished both Mythology and my Lit assignment with a little time to spare before bed.

I am going to go ahead and start on next week's assignments right now because it's midterms week and I plan to go out of town on Friday! I will be going to visit my brother in Mobile. I can't wait! I don't get to see him enough. Plus, I will get to see my bff for a little bit while I'm there! Yay!

Yesterday, after work, all of the library staff that worked went to 2nd & Charles and hung out for a bit. It was pretty awesome since we never see each other outside the library. I may have even come away with a new friend. Yay again! A friend in the same city is always lovely and I haven't had one of those in quite a while. It will be so nice to have a friend with ZERO expectation or hope that I like them romantically or vice versa plus she's single and no kids so she's less likely to bail on plans or refuse to commit to them. Hallelujah!

I had planned to write more than this but my eyes are very tired and begging for my contacts to come out post haste.
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Tea Time

My week (so far) in photos.

Ugh. So apparently, our classes at this school really are "self-paced" in the sense that you can work ahead but cannot get behind. Well, I didn't really know that or I would have started on the FIVE assignments that are due on Sunday evening. Five chapters, five corresponding exercises and quizzes plus our first test. On top of that, two literature readings and a discussion post.

Plus, midterms are next week. Yay.

It's my fault because I assumed there would be the regular two chapters due on Sunday and waited until yesterday (Wednesday) to look at the assignments. Oops.

I should probably be studying/working now but I'm not. It's after 11pm and I'm just not sure how much I would retain at the moment.

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