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fanmix: castiel - behind blue eyes

I just posted this in waywardmixes, so I figured I'd crosspost it here as well.


A celestial wavelength of intent housed temporarily in a human vessel, learning human traits while he does everything in his power to protect Sam and Dean Winchester from evil. He isn't perfect as you might assume an angel would be. He has doubts. He has fears. He's developing feelings. He's an immovable force with more power than one can comprehend. He sports a trenchcoat and a loosened tie, has a penchant for staring, won't understand your pop culture references and thinks we can learn a lot from the bees. I'm pleased to introduce you to Castiel (via the vessel of Jimmy Novak).

And I saw the heaven opened; and behold,
a white horse, and he that sat thereon,
called Faithful and True;
and in righteousness he doth
judge and make war.

Revelations 19:11

"I'm an Angel, you ass."

01. invincible | ok go
    when they finally come to destroy the earth
    they'll have to deal with you first and now
    my money says they won't know about
    the thousand fahrenheit hot metal lights behind your eyes

    invincible, (Invincible, oh oh oh)
    you're invincible
    invincible, (Invincible, oh oh oh)
    you're invincible

    that crushing, crashing, atom-smashing, white hot thing
    it's invincible

02. if i talk to god | the last goodnight
    if i talk to god
    i don't know if he's listening
    when i speak out loud
    i don't know if he's home
    i'm talking to myself
    'cause no one else is listening
    stay another day
    and will it all go wrong?
    if i talk to god

03. little faith | the national
    all our lonely kicks are getting harder to find
    we'll play nuns versus priests until somebody cries
    all our lonely kicks that make us saintly and thin
    we'll play nuns versus priests until somebody wins

04. a long flight | winter sleep
    wrap those feathers like a blanket over me
    throw my bones into the belly of the deep.
    whisper through my walkie talkie: "i am ready"

    but i was not prepared to die

05. darker side | jonny lang
    when the sun is goin' down
    and there is no place to hide
    even in the brightest light
    you might lean toward the darker side

    look at the people, they learn how to lie so easy
    they learn how to lie to get what they need
    and after they got what they needed
    it turns into a simple case of greed

06. lines of light | the subways
    the lines of light
    they tell my mind i'm a child
    time passes by
    and from it, i cannot hide
    the seasons know
    but they wont show, they won't let go
    no matter now
    no matter now, time is slow

07. what makes a man | city and colour
    i can feel the wind blowin'
    it's sending shivers down my spine
    i can feel the wind blowin'
    it shakes the trees and the power lines
    what makes a man spend his whole life in disguise?
    i think I know
    i think I might know

08. behind blue eyes | the who
    no one knows what it's like
    to feel these feelings
    like i do
    and i blame you

    no one bites back as hard
    on their anger
    none of my pain and woe
    can show through

    but my dreams
    they aren't as empty
    as my conscience seems to be

    i have hours, only lonely
    my love is vengeance
    that's never free

09. i go away | mdnr
    stay true, is that what they really say?
    see it through, there is no easy way,
    if it's right, why do i feel this way?
    tick tock, time just slips away.

    i'll go my own way.

10. leave my body | florence + the machine
    i'm gonna be released from behind these lies
    i don't care whether i live or die
    and i'm losing blind, i'm gonna leave my bones
    and i don't want you to leave me cold

    i don't want your future
    i don't need your past
    one bright moment
    is all i ask

11. angel with a shotgun | the cab
    i'm an angel with a shotgun,
    fighting til' the wars won,
    i don't care if heaven won't take me back.
    i'll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe.
    don't you know you're everything i have?
    and i, wanna live, not just survive, tonight

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