Tea Time

My week (so far) in photos.

Ugh. So apparently, our classes at this school really are "self-paced" in the sense that you can work ahead but cannot get behind. Well, I didn't really know that or I would have started on the FIVE assignments that are due on Sunday evening. Five chapters, five corresponding exercises and quizzes plus our first test. On top of that, two literature readings and a discussion post.

Plus, midterms are next week. Yay.

It's my fault because I assumed there would be the regular two chapters due on Sunday and waited until yesterday (Wednesday) to look at the assignments. Oops.

I should probably be studying/working now but I'm not. It's after 11pm and I'm just not sure how much I would retain at the moment.

Currently listening to my new Florence and the Machine album on vinyl! 2nd & Charles opened today and I had to pay a visit. I lovelovelove that store in Birmingham and I was thrilled to see we were getting one. I ended up walking away with two albums (T&S and Florence) and three books. :)

Also, planted some flowers this week!

Got my nails done for the first time in... at least five years.

Had my last day at Healthport after 2.5 years of employment!
I chose to turn in my resignation so that I could either work more hours
at the library, or find a second job that isn't thirty miles away.

Rescued this little guy from a busy road way on my way to work Wednesday.
He was desperately trying to get on the sidewalk without toppling over,
so I lifted him up and placed him in the nearby woods.
What a cutie! Look at that little smile!
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