Bicycle touring in Paris

day in the life: my not so interesting but very productive day

A friend of mine suggested I do a 'day in the life' post so... I did! Here it is.

Today was my off day, otherwise there would be a lot of library photos in here!

Be warned: you could be bored to tears.

As per usual, I begin my morning with coffee!
I love my little coffee and tea tins. And this is my favorite coffee cup!


Getting to the really interesting parts of my day now...

Stepped outside for a bit to water my flowers.
I think I really need to fill in that little gap where the water globe (that didn't work) used to be.

What started as an I'm going to put up the hanging thing in the closet turned into a marathon
cleaning and organizing session. I ended up with three bags of clothes, accessories and shoes to donate!

Re-organized my bookshelves and hung some new art on the wall.
Love my vintage octopus that I found thrifting!

Removed my heavy down comforter in exchange for a light summer quilt.
Not the colors I had in mind for my bedding... looks like rainbow sorbet.
Ordering new bedding soon!

After a rest, I took Kristin out for some front yard play time.
She doesn't like the backyard anymore. She's the social butterfly of the neighborhood.

Most pictures of her end up just like this... a big moving blog of fur!

This is what happens when I shake the cat treats!

Sat down to work on some blog posts for Bookishly Speaking.

Mom and I ended up with some Five Guys takeout since I was exhausted from all the cleaning and organizing.

After dinner, I sat down to work on some homework and watch some Supernatural re-runs on Netflix. :)

It wasn't a very interesting day in pictures but it was a very productive day for me!