Bicycle touring in Paris

365: July 13th - 19th, 2014

8/365 | Monday - I recently got frustrated with my desk drawer for not closing all the way and though, perhaps, I had lost some items behind it. After a great amount of effort I pulled out the drawer to reveal nothing of my own...but lots of papers belonging to a previous owner as pictured! There were tons of homework assignments from grade school dated 1983! That's the year I was born! I'm tempted to try to track the woman down just to say hi.

9/365 | Tuesday - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Meeko! He really likes to hide under the covers and I find it a little strange. I have never had a cat that loved to sneak under the covers before. He's done it as long as I've had him. Logically, I guess I could just assume he's getting cold. Either way, he forgot a bit today!

10/365 | Wednesday - Say hi to Weagle! He's my mom's dog and I took him with me on an outing to see if I could cheer him up a bit. Looks like I was unsuccessful but it's hard to tell because he mostly has those sad puppy eyes on all the time. Poor baby.

11/365 | Thursday - Guess what time it is!! Back to school time! Well, it's getting closer anyway (and myself and fellow library staff are ready to rejoice) so that means... time to buy a new planner! I am an admitted planner junkie. But, I'm going to use it this time, I swear. No, really. Really really. I have to. I need to. I will!

12/365 | Friday - Sat down and planned out the layout of my planner. I decided columns may be the best fit for me since I have three main categories of things to attend to: school, general life stuff, and blog related posts over at Bookishly. So far, so good. I think I will like this better than color coding.

13/365 | Saturday - Made brownie bites while I was doing laundry! Listened to some doo wop and danced around the kitchen just a teeny bit. It was very enjoyable!

How cool! I love coming across someone else's old papers like that. Which actually makes me sound nosy or something, but I don't know, it's neat.