Text: Be Awesome

365: July 20th - 26th, 2014

Once again, my photos are mostly of cats. haha

14/365 | Sunday - This is how the majority of my blogging and school work take place. My cats have zero problem requesting the attention they need from me.

15/365 | Monday - How cute is this?! Bear fell asleep snuggling my mom's dog, Hudson. Bear is really very indiscriminate about who he chooses to snuggle with--cat, dog, human, pillow... as long as it's warm!

16/365 | Tuesday - Bandit is one of my most helpful kitties. He helps me with all sorts of things around the house-- brushing my teeth, washing my face, making the bed and now even the laundry!
17/365 | Wednesday - We had a Dinosaur Dig children's program at the library and the children's librarian knows how much I love dinosaurs so she saved me one! Awesome.
18/365 | Thursday - My plants are doing fairly well. Something is attempting to eat my Zinnia, though. I will have to get out there and lay down some defenses against whatever it is! Happy to see my vines are trailing, though. :)

19/365 - Checked this out of the library. :D Not sure why but in the last few years I've gotten really interested in dinosaurs!
20/365 | Saturday - Thankfully, our summer reading program is OVER and the library has resumed it's relative quiet. Hallelujah. I wasn't sure how much more I could take...