Bicycle touring in Paris


leave my body
florence + the machine

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I don't want your future
I don't need your past

One bright moment
Is all I ask

I'm gonna leave my body
(moving up to higher ground)
I'm gonna lose my mind
(History keeps pulling me down)

Said I'm gonna leave my body
(moving up to higher ground)
I'm gonna lose my mind
(History keeps pulling me, pulling me down)

I don't need a husband, don't need no wife
And don't need the day, I don't need the night

And I don't need the birds let them fly away
And I don't want the clouds, they never seem to stay

This song is a new addition to my music library and I find it to be a very powerful song. It's a summation of how I feel lately -- that living or dying is irrelevant to my soul and spirit at this point. My body is just a vessel and nothing more. I feel like, in the recent months, I've transcended in a way that makes me realize this more and more each day. In addition to that, it also touches on the feelings that I am whole and complete and do not desire or need (or want) another being in my life in respect to a relationship or 'love'.
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Bicycle touring in Paris


Motorcycle Drive By
Third Eye Blind


And there's this burning
Like there's always been
I never been so alone
And I've never been so alive

This song reminds me of summer and the way I fell in love with Athens (Georgia) when I visited. I remember immediately feeling like I'd found some place I could be myself. I was a junior in high school then. Hard to believe this song is that old.
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Bicycle touring in Paris

100 Things Challenge

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

I know you have all seen these all over your friends list, and I can assure you that I will not be posting mine back-to-back-to-back by any means. If anything, I'm likely to run out of songs or forget that I'm taking part before it gets to that kind of hysteria.

I will be doing: 100 Songs I've Been Affected By. They will likely be in no particular order, as my memory sucks in that way. But, it will be songs that have crept up and in and woven themselves around me in some way. I'll try to include lyrics and a download also.

I'll start soon. :)
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Bicycle touring in Paris

friends cut.

I made a friends cut, dearies.

I apologize if I cut you and you didn't want to be. I mostly just removed those I'd added from HP places (since I'm no longer active). If you enjoyed reading, etc please just drop me a line and I'll be happy to add you back. :]
Bicycle touring in Paris

safe space post.


    This post is public. The comments will be screened. I will link it to my user info so that you will be able to find it when you need it. The purpose of this post is to vent and I will listen. Maybe we're very close or maybe we're not, but it doesn't matter because I will still listen all the same. You can say whatever you want: you can cry, you can complain, you can ask for advice, you can get off your chest something that has been weighing on you, you can ramble on and on randomly just for a distraction, or anything else you want to say. I will not judge, but rather celebrate in the fact that I am being trusted with a secret. I will not tell anyone what you say in this post and there's nothing that you can't tell me. I will be happy to PM or email you a response, just let me know your preference.

Please do not hesitate to leave me a message here no matter what it is in reference to! I'm here for you if you need to talk or vent or just get something off of your chest. I will also leave my contact info below and you can reach me in any of those places also. If you want me to respond to you then please feel free to leave me your info of how you want me to get back to you.

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